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Some time later Dean tells Rory that he and Lindsay are engaged, and Rory expresses concern over Dean getting married so fast and so young as they're both just out of high school.

3rd Raincoats and Recipes to Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller (affair)4th Written in the Stars to The Party's Over1st – Dean breaks up with Rory when she doesn't say 'I love you' back.2nd – Dean breaks up with Rory because it's obvious she's in love with Jess.3rd – Dean breaks it off saying he doesn't belong in Rory's life anymore, where Dean worked for most of the series. When Dean attends the 24-Hour Dance Marathon to watch Rory compete with her mother, he becomes distraught over the obvious jealously Rory is showing over Jess being with Shane.

Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt is trying to get the word out that people may have unclaimed property they don't even know about.

His office is taking out ads in local papers to let people know. Fangqin Wan, a graduate student at the University of Illinois, walks for Yingying Zhang, a Chinese scholar who went missing three weeks ago, Thursday, June 29, 2017, in Urbana, Ill. A website that hosted an "Abduction 101" forum linked to a 28-year-old suspect in the kidnapping of a Chinese scholar at the University of Illinois bills itself as the most popular sexual fetish networking site on the internet - and it has faced pressure in recent months to be clearer about not tolerating behavior that could be regarded as criminal.

If “The Triplets of Belleville” is any indication, Chomet, who was born in France and has lived in Canada since 1993, is one of the most inventive animators we’ve got. He also made the 1996 animated short “The Old Lady and the Pigeons,” and is a writer and illustrator of book-length comics as well.) The narrative of “Triplets” doesn’t always stand up to its visual effectiveness: In other words, the story and the look of the thing don’t meld as well as they should — the emotional universe they create for us isn’t as compelling as that of, say, the Nick Park “Wallace & Gromit” cartoons.

And although “Triplets” sometimes moves like a waking dream, the action often takes disappointingly conventional turns.

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