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If you’re a gal looking for a guy whose 6’1” or more with red hair, good luck, you’ll have to plow through all the profiles that the system matches you with.An excellent & necessary feature that Singles provides is that members receive an email from the website itself indicating that another member or a prospective match has contacted them & this will be an indication to the member to login into his/her account, check for the messages & reply back.Signing up at the site is really easy and if you consider getting to the site, you will easily observe that there are many features you may access to without even registering yourself. This allows you to create a profile and also you have the possibility to upload your photo.You have a rapid search engine which allows you to browse the existing members.This can be done for free while there are many other sites which requires a fee to be paid before.

Including ourselves, we have yet to find one person that speaks highly of Singles If you have ever signed up for Singles, you know how difficult it is to score a date. So if you’re above 21 years of age, it’s slim pickings on this site.

You may only search geographically by “my area” (although there is no indication given of how wide an area this actually is), or by county then state or province.

Searching will only reveal those profiles that the system’s matching technology chooses for you in terms of matching traits and similarities.

This keeps you updated of the communication process & takes the burden of checking the account on-site everyday, off your shoulders.

Many online dating sites claim to be free, and then surprise you with charges for features At Connecting Singles, there are no costs and no credit cards needed here. it truly seems that your mission is to connect people instead of greedily thinking only of the almighty dollar. Free Mobile Dating What's Important at Connecting Singles? At Connecting Singles we are all about our members.

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