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Learn how to have a perfect first date that includes few mishaps and a lot of laughs, fun and memories to last forever. It varies depending on the situation and the people involved, but my favorites are those that felt like two minutes had passed when it was more like two hours. Just try to remember that you want something where you can get your heart rate up a bit as well as find time to connect, while still doing something you'll both remember no matter how things pan out.

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Take things slow and enjoy getting to know each other.

When asking her out at the end of the date, be sure to ask her to do something she told you during the date she finds exciting.

For example, if she likes Mexican food, tell her you know the best Mexican restaurant in town and you want to bring her there Tuesday night. Either text her a simple message that says “Had a great time last night. Looking forward to the next time.” Or, call her and leave a message and tell her the same thing over the phone.

Don’t go out a second time with someone who has an addiction (and is not in recovery), or anyone you catch in a lie. What boredom isn’t, however, is proof-positive that your date is actually boring.

So finding yourself bored the first time you meet someone can definitely be a turn-off.

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