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Unfortunately, tension between her family and her man brought unwanted drama into their relationship, so much so that at their wedding her family didn’t even show up.Now that his reputation is being restored, we caught up with The Dream at the Grammys and got his take on the whole situation.In 2012, Milian signed to Young Money Entertainment, which will release her fourth studio album.Although Milian is best known for her singing career, she originally wanted to be an actress.The album produced one single, "Say I", which peaked in the Top 30 of the US Billboard chart.A month after the release of So Amazin, Milian's representative confirmed that she had left Island Records due to creative differences. A single, ballad "Us Against the World", was released in October 2008.“People can love whoever they want to love,” Dream declared.Check out our interview with Christina Milian on the next page.

Many are still wondering why she and rapper Lil Wayne really broke it off after a year of hot and heavy dating. Even jealousy - seems cute it first, but if they're getting in my head, it's not right for me. Find your inner strength to move on although it will be hard at times. Tell people around you what you are going through or deciding to do so they can protect themselves also. I felt like as a guy it was not my place to go out and say what happened at a wedding or say what happened with the family or whatever it is.[I] Just let them work through that, and I took those two, three years just kind of taking the full blame for that.” Christina and The Dream are admittedly in a better place and have both moved on, but what does he think of her dating Lil Wayne?Thanks to the Internet, celebrities are forced to live transparent lives. I haven't spoken to him but I did hear of a woman after me who experience the same thing. When you are not controlling your today and in fear of your tomorrow, you are an abusive relationship.Christina Milian shares most facets of her world on the E! She frequently engages her upwards to two million followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with daily happenings in her life. I've seen him from time to time and he has tried to come over and say, "Hi" but no! You are a glowing example of what surviving domestic violence can look like. I lost my spirituality I didn't know how to pray but when I started having conversations with God again and being honest with myself that's when I began to understand who I was again.

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