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The results from Plio MIP show that the ASM intensified and summer precipitation increased in North Africa during the mid-Piacenzian, which can be explained by the increased net energy in the atmospheric column above North Africa.

Further experiments with CAM4 indicated that the combined changes in the mid-Piacenzian of atmospheric CO concentration and SST, as well as the vegetation change, could have substantially increased the net energy in the atmospheric column over North Africa and further intensified the ASM.

Governance has been a long-standing theme in much of Neil’s work.

He has been involved in a number of studies that have examined transparency and accountability in decision-making within the forest sector.

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I spoke with Clinton Cox, founder of the first annual Camming Con conference, to better understand that figure.I had an account on this website, also a sum of my earned money. Till now i am trying to find out for what that bann was... My suggestion is: don't log in to this website. Cam4 is an extremely corrupt site and I base this on personal experience as well as the over 100 complaints I have read on this site and another complaint site combined.O believe there are other complaint forums that have them as well.This paper reviews information on past vegetation of tropical Africa during the Cenozoic, focused upon the last 10 Ma, a time spanning hominid record in Central and East Africa.Summary of palaeobotanical data collected at terrestrial sites are compared with new results on the long term evolution of the continental vegetation zones documented from marine pollen record of two deep sea cores recovered from the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

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