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The Guitar Dater Project aims to provide you with the information hidden in your Guitars' Serial number in plain English.

The aim here is to gather as much information about who made what guitars and for whom.

In 1892 he bought a two room loft on the top floor of the Edison Building at Washington and Market Streets, later the site of Chicago's Civic Opera House. In 1904 a larger location was acquired and the business settled in their own 3 story 30,000 square foot factory at 1738-1754 Lawndale Ave. In 1916 Sears wanted to corner the market on ukulele sales (they were extremely popular at the time) so they bought the worlds ukulele leader, Harmony.Hi, I've got a fender p bass with a neck code of 0103 3814. It has the old style head stock decal (no serial number below "fender").It looks old enough to be a 1971 but does the neck code support that date?This data is then compiled and used to improve the guitar dating function of the site.To your right you will see a list of brands that are currently supported.

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