Integrating and consolidating banking operations

Successful business integrations start with Leadership’s clear vision of actionable plans and are carefully managed with a combination of subject matter acumen, project management expertise, and proficiency in change management.

Organizations are challenged to remain customer-focused while minimizing the disruption of operational transformations and often face complex, time-consuming, costly projects involving business units at multiple levels.

Industry: Commercial Banking Service Offering: Treasury Management Business Integration Solution Brief: A Top 25 Commercial and Retail Bank required assistance with a comprehensive, cross-functional integration strategy for its Treasury Management Division.

The engagement team created a proprietary system of integrated, cross-work stream project plans to track progress and dependencies…

Expansion to historically low-cost countries should be pursued only for revenue-enhancing reasons.Indeed, they may signal the beginning of a process for building a truly national banking franchise.As mergers continue to shape the structure of the banking industry in the U.Along with aligning your operation’s performance goals to your business priorities, these will meet your objectives.Show transcript Transform your bank’s operations model A best practices discussion Contacts Boston John Plansky Partner 1-617-521-8801 john.plansky @com Munich Johannes Bussmann Partner 5-535 johannes.bussmann @com Shanghai Sarah Butler Partner -9800 sarah.butler @com Chicago Ashish Jain Partner 1-312-578-4753 @com New York Jon Hagstrom Partner 1-212-551-6130 jon.hagstrom @com Sydney Vanessa Wallace Senior Partner 61-2-9321-1906 vanessa.wallace @com London Gagan Bhatnagar Partner -3747 gagan.bhatnagar @com Zurich Andreas Lenzhofer Partner 41-43-268-2156 andreas.lenzhofer @com This report was originally published by Booz & Company in 2013.

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