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Columbia was football crazy in the 1960s, so much so that basketball was an afterthought on campus.

In his first nine years at Missouri, coach Dan Devine had presided over nine winning seasons and had taken the Tigers to three New Year's Day bowl games.

She wants a guy who at least feels like her equal, but ideally, a guy who feels like he would be doing her a bit of a favor by being with her.

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Norm Stewart, one of the best and most competitive athletes in Mizzou's history, was just thirty-two years old when he signed on to resurrect the moribund basketball program, but he possessed a wealth of competitive experience.It’s a rather blunt evopsych reading of human behavior, one that I don’t think is wrong, exactly.There’s a reason few stand-up comedians, male or female, could double as runway models or glamorous movie stars.I will admit, some would call what I said “rude” or “mean” or “something only a fire-breathing vampire bat would say to its eternal foes.” But my methods are beside the point.This column is not about me (but if it were, it would probably be more focused on how difficult it is to be as intimidatingly pretty as I am).

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