Is post dating checks illegal in california

Additionally, baby formula and baby food are the only products that can’t be sold after it expires.

When checking items for sale, you may come across several different terms, such as “best before,” “best if used by,” “sell by,” “freeze by” or “expired by.” The manufacturer provides the dates to give you an idea of how fresh the product is, not whether it is dangerous or not.

For more information on California state laws, please visit the CA Civil Code (Investigative Consumer Reporting Agencies Act) 1786.18 (a) (7) and (b) Obligations of Investigative Consumer Reporting Agencies Except as authorized under subdivision (b), no investigative consumer reporting agency shall make or furnish any investigative consumer report containing any of the following items of information (7) Records of arrest, indictment, information, misdemeanor complaint, or conviction of a crime that, from the date of disposition, release, or parole, antedate the report by more than seven years.

These items of information shall no longer be reported if at any time it is learned that, in the case of a conviction, a full pardon has been granted or, in the case of an arrest, indictment, information, or misdemeanor complaint, a conviction did not result; except that record of arrest, indictment, information, or misdemeanor complaints may be reported pending pronouncement of judgment on the particular subject matter of those records.

As with most rental issues, your landlord calls the shots on these things.

It doesn’t hurt to negotiate, however, if you really prefer a different rent due date.

In most cases, a product is still good to use even after the date stamped on the container.

According to the most recent California DUI statistics, there were nearly 1,500 alcohol-involved fatalities in 2007.

(b) A customer is not liable for the amount of an overdraft if the customer neither signed the item nor benefited from the proceeds of the item.

Are you mystified by the meaning of the little phrases stamped on the underside of your cans or on your gallon of milk?

You might find it surprising that federal law doesn’t require a manufacturer to put an expiration date on a product.

Some knowledge of what these terms mean, and what they don’t mean, can make you a better consumer.

If a product that hasn’t expired makes you sick, do you have any legal options?

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