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I’ve lived here about a year and a half — I moved here to pursue my Ph D and am about halfway done.

Although life in NYC has treated me very well so far in many areas, and I am really enjoying my time here, I have really been striking out dating-wise.

That its main characters are a gallant young rabbi named David and his crush, Sarah, an artist — Orthodox Jews both — makes things more interesting.

Such is the world of “Soon by You,” a dramedy whose fourth installment just aired on You Tube.

Before moving here, I was a preschool teacher in St.

“If I bumped into him on the street I’d say, ‘Let’s go for coffee.’ If I bumped into one of my ex-boyfriends in Britain, I don’t think I’d be as forthcoming.” But be warned single ladies in NYC: not everyone you’ll meet online is friend-worthy, let alone bed-worthy.I have also tried initiating (many) emails myself and I have yet to have a guy respond to an email that I have initiated.So, I am starting to wonder, what is going on here?? Am I not as attractive/interesting against the competition here as I was in St. Or is there something about being back in school or being from the Midwest that is unappealing?We have witnessed so many success stories; let the next one be yours!I am a 28 year-old single woman living in Manhattan.

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