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Web Sites A website is typically a collection of web pages, graphics, and other elements which are linked together to form a larger, structured document (like an interactive book).

A website could be a single page or it could be made from thousands of pages.

You are viewing a web page at the moment called "thewww3.html" - if you look in the address bar of your browser, you will see the name of this page and it's location on the internet: pages are formatted in a computer language called HTML (Hypertext Mark Up Language).

In order to view a web page, you must use a software application which is able to "decode" HTML, and display the page properly.

All pages and other elements are placed in a folder on a host server.

An internet address (known as a Uniform Resource Location, or URL) is assigned to this folder, so that when a browser asks for your site it will know where to look.

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