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In these cases, variations in date formats, the practice of lumping all authors together in one element, or generating invalid XML can render the RSS feed useless to the service accessing it.The draft recommendations below are a result of this initial analysis and are ultimately intended to facilitate good practice in the production and provision of TOC RSS Feeds. Now) Dim item2 As Syndication Item = New Syndication Item( _ "Item Two", _ "This is the content for item two", _ New Uri(" _ "Item Two ID", _ Date Time. Items = items Return New Rss20Feed Formatter(feed) End Function End Class Module Program Sub Main() Dim base Address As New Uri(" Service") Dim svc Host As New Web Service Host(Get Type(Blog Service), base Address) Try svc Host. Write Line("Service is running") Dim reader As Xml Reader = Xml Reader. Get Blog Dim feed As Syndication Feed = New Syndication Feed("My Blog Feed", "This is a test feed", New Uri(" URI")) feed. Add(New Syndication Person("[email protected]")) feed. Description = New Text Syndication Content("This is a how to sample that demonstrates how to expose a feed using RSS with WCF") Dim item1 As Syndication Item = New Syndication Item( _ "Item One", _ "This is the content for item one", _ New Uri(" _ "Item One ID", _ Date Time. In this article, you'll learn what you need to create a feed, see a sample feed structure, walk through the code that creates the XML (in this case we've used Cold Fusion).I'll also discuss additional steps to take for validating and implementing syndication for your site.And, because it's in XML, other sites can easily consume and display your content feed automatically, thereby driving traffic back to your site.

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Ultimately, we expect that industry wide adoption of these best practices will help drive more traffic to publisher web sites.

Now) Dim items As New List(Of Syndication Item)() items.

Now) Dim item3 As Syndication Item = New Syndication Item( _ "Item Three", _ "This is the content for item three", _ New Uri(" _ "Item Three ID", _ Date Time. Create(" Service/Get Blog") Dim feed As Syndication Feed = Syndication Feed.

n RSS XML feed is an extremely simple way to let external sites link to content on your Web site.

If you're looking for a fast, painless way to do outbound syndication and find a larger audience for your content, RSS is going to be worth your time.

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