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I narrowed it down to a simple application that has properties for Name and Age, as follows: Age doesn’t get called when the value in the textbox is empty. The interesting part of this is that if I had a button on the form, invoking a method on my View Model, when that method is invoked, the View Model would still have the original age value that was supplied, not knowing that the textbox had been cleared out.I found this to be quite disturbing and I mentioned it to a couple of people, and they too were surprised by this behavior.

(Remember that HTML was designed with content in mind!Again, this isn’t exactly taxing, and is purely going to be a Grid with a Textblock and a Rectangle (again, I’m nothing if not consistent). We’re gonna have a rectangle which also has 3 visual states – cunningly called ‘Red’, ‘Amber’ and ‘Green’. So, we’ll start off in the same manner as the last time, we will have a single Data Obj2 instance available to the Page and bind to that.Though, to be a little do that), these can be the same names as the others, or indeed, something else, I have chosen to stick with the same names and take the extra confusion hit right on the nose. We can use boolean values to change the visual states, and (crucially) it works in a Data Template, bingo! A new class called Data Obj2: Where ‘Status’ is my enum. Let’s add some Triggers (these are in the Layout Root again). Ok, let’s add a ‘Change Status Command’, hook that up to a button and give it a whirl: Right, so the Data Trigger isn’t picking up the data on load.Conditional styling using converter provides better performance compare to Data Trigger approach and Style selector approach.You can refer Styles and template section for more information.

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