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Anonymous International) hack of a Russian politician’s GMail account.When teaching a Software Security course at SCE, I often stress that while cybersecurity measures become more and more sophisticated, gaining access to systems and accounts actually becomes easier, since providers of said systems must make them accessible by clueless users.

If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. This killer whale/orca follows your cursor around Also.... Ideya obshchestvennogo progressa: soderzhanie i stanovlenie [Elektronnyi resurs] [The Idea of Social Progress: the Content and Development [Electronic Source]. Istoki totalitarizma [The Origins of Totalitarianism]. // Bulletin of the Moscow Regional State University (electronic journal) [Bulletin of the Moscow Regional State University (electronic journal)]. Particular attention was paid to the problem of transhumanism, the changing nature of war and democracy in the conditions of postmodernism. The risks and threats that they carry were also evaluated.

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